Like & Share (2022)


Lisa and Sarah not only sit together in high school and do projects together but also have their problems. Lisa's mother, Ninda, demands a lot because she fears failure in her new household. Lisa became uncomfortable at home. Sarah is a rich kid who lost her parents due to an accident. She lives with her older brother. As a result, they seek answers in their way. Like most teenagers, the duo goes through puberty which sparks curiosity about sexuality. Lisa, who is curious about sex, watches adult movies. She becomes addicted to the point that she becomes obsessed with Fita, one of the women in the viral video. Lisa's curiosity about sexuality is not always understood. Meanwhile, Sarah meets Devan, who has a decade of the age difference. She thinks she has found someone to rely on. The boyfriend takes advantage of her innocence. Sarah is raped and becomes a victim of revenge porn. She does not receive social protection or even the law as a victim. She is alone.
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