Daughter of the Bride (2023)

Halston Sage, Marcia Gay Harden, Aidan Quinn, Cara Santana
Kate is a waitress for a caterer and she works at a number of weddings. She has not had much luck finding the ideal man. She is quite close with her mother Diane who lives in a large house alone but doesn't seem to have a clear direction for her life other than writing. Diane plays cards frequently with older family members.At one event early in the movie, Kate's friend and co-worker Janie spills wine on herself and needs a replacement shirt, which Diane brings.Later, Janie and Kate are at their favorite pub.After one wedding, Kate sees an affluent couple having trouble getting their BMW started. Bruce, a man about Diane's age who is a lot more laid-back, finds the problem and fixes it. As Bruce is leaving, Kate hands him her mother's phone number, not really expecting anything to result.Diane shows up and disrupts the yoga class Janie and Kate attend.Soon, Diane is talking about a mystery man. This man hasn't met Kate. But one day Kate is spending time with Diane and they are expecting a food delivery. Bruce is sending Kate text messages indicating he is ready to meet Kate is on his way. Diane tries to discourage him. But he shows up anyway with the food. It turns out he is the delivery person. Then he tells Kate that he is the man in Diane's life and that he is happy to meet Kate.It has only been six weeks, but after Kate leaves, Bruce proposes. Kate forgot something and had to come back, and she sees her mother opening a ring box. This upsets her.Kate needs to calm down as she is driving home and she tries meditation, which distracts her from what she is supposed to be doing. She nearly hits Josh who is crossing the street and falls into a flower bed. Kate stops to check on him and he is all right. They have a conversation and she learns he is an optometrist who lives in her neighborhood.Kate attends one wedding as a guest and sees a man wearing Chuck Taylors who might be ideal for her.Once Kate accepts the idea that her mother is marrying a man she has known only a short time, they go dress shopping. The salesperson naturally assumes Kate is the bride, which is embarrassing. Several other mothers and daughters are also there. Diane tries on several dresses and finally settles on one.Kate takes the dress home to her apartment. However, she can't resist trying it on. She falls asleep wearing the dress. The next morning her mom shows up unexpectedly and Kate can't get the dress off. She can't let her mom see her wearing it, so she sneaks out the window and heads to Josh's apartment. Josh lets her in and helps her get the dress off. However, Kate has nothing on under the dress, so she has to borrow clothes from Josh. Kate also learns that Josh not only cooks, but butchers his own chickens. They then go to her favorite pub, which is also Josh's favorite pub. This could be a problem if they become a couple and then break up, so they have to decide who will get custody if that happens.Bruce and Diane consider getting married at the venue where Kate works because it is very nice and they won't have to pay as much because Kate works there. There won't be an opening until September. Kate agrees to officiate. Later, it turns out there has been a cancellation and Bruce and Diane can get married in three weeks. Kate thinks that is too soon.Bruce and Kate spend some time together getting to know each other at the lake where he lives.Bruce and Diane go on a date at a really nice restaurant and that happens to be where Josh and Kate go on their first real date. They all join a group that is playing Twister. Josh discovers his very pretty ex-girlfriend is part of the group.Kate is shocked to learn Diane wants to sell her house. However, Diane will move in with Bruce at his house on the lake. But Diane doesn't move in right away. Once she gets the house cleared out, she takes her essentials with her to Kate's place. They have trouble getting along in such a small space, and there are even doubts whether Bruce and Diane will actually get married.Kate is upset with her life in general and even suggests to Josh that whatever the status of their relationship is, maybe they shouldn't see each other any more.After seeing Josh with his ex, Kate has doubts about whether there is a chance for her and Josh. Meanwhile, Bruce and Diane make up, and the wedding is back on.Janie takes a job in Boston. Kate is sorry to see her go.Kate officiates at the wedding, as planned, and things go well. There is dancing at the reception. The happy couple leaves, and then Josh shows up, and he and Kate have a romantic moment witnessed by the wedding guests.
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