The Love Club Lauren's Dream (2023)

Action, Comedy, Romance
Jesse Hutch, Chantel Riley, Laura Cilevitz, Brittany Bristow
It's been ten years since that New Year's Eve party when Peter made the unilateral decision that he and Lauren would move across the country for him to accept his dream job, instead of what was their in-the-works plan for Lauren to open an art gallery. Peter has always justified that decision as looking out for their financial security, which now includes for their daughter Stephanie. Feeling like she has always played second fiddle to Peter's job, he who conversely did whatever he wanted, Lauren now has divorce papers staring her in the face. Despite she the one to initiate the divorce proceedings, Lauren feels the need for the support of the love club at this time. The three other club members rushing to Lauren's side, they deal both with Lauren's professional and personal problems. With the former, they encourage her to open that art gallery in light of her lack of work experience making it difficult to find a job. With the latter, they each have different views of the state of Lauren and Peter's marriage. Nic, as the one who has been their friends the longest, believes that they are each other's soul mate if they can only find their way back to each other. Single Tara believes Lauren needs to get back into the dating scene if only to gauge her feelings. While Tara has set up a profile for her on her dating app which she clandestinely uses for other purposes on Lauren's behalf, Lauren herself may not have an issue in that department in meeting suave artist Carlos, who is overt in his interest in her. And Syd believes Steph is the key to the situation between her parents. Once they suss out the situation, Nic, Tara and Syd have to work hard to ensure that Lauren ends up with who is indeed the person meant for her, which entails rectifying some misunderstandings that may otherwise drive them apart.—Huggo
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