The Garage (2022)

Nejat Isler, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Merve Dizdar
The movie begins with Mr. Vamik's car parked in front of Kahan's real estate office, blocking the door - a practice that Vamik has been warned against but stubbornly keeps repeating. Kayhan's brother, Ayhan, has convinced his friends Yilmaz and Müjdat to hot-wire the car and move it, to send a message to Vamik. They break into the car and hot-wire it, but Vamik confronts them and just as quickly dies of a heart attack. Afraid to call the police, they take Vamik's body to their auto body shop and hide it inside a turpentine tank until they can bury him.The next car they paint using the tainted turpentine looks incredible, apparently because of the chemicals from the dead body. Ayhan sees dollar signs and wants to find other dead bodies to make more of the special paint. Yilmaz rejects the idea on religious grounds, since in Muslim practice bodies are cleansed before burial. He is annoyed to be interrupted by the messenger from a local developer who keeps putting pressure on Yilmaz to sell his shop, as he is the last holdout on his block. He refuses.Kayhan's sister Aynur stops by the shop with her pretty friend Meral to flirt with Yilmaz. Meral's stereo needs repair and he offers to fix it for free, and do anything else Aynur needs for her car (even though all he really knows how to do is paint them). Later, Aynur brings her car in and says she thinks something is wrong with her brakes. He drives the car briefly and says they're fine. He offers to look closer but she's busy and they agree she'll come back later.Soon after, Kayhan runs in and announces that Aynur's been in a car accident because her brakes failed. Kahan takes Yilmaz to the hospital where they meet Ayhan outside. Ayhan says she's out of surgery and they can't go in. A doctor comes out to them and confirms she's OK but she's lost her eyesight. If they act quickly she can get a bionic eye transplant in America, but it will cost $500,000. Yilmaz thinks the accident is his fault and decides to go ahead and paint cars using dead bodies. With Ayhan lining up sales they quickly make the $500,000. Ayhan wants to continue making more money and lines up a 20-car deal. Yilmaz believes it would be a sin to desecrate bodies for profit.Soon after, thugs stop by and demand protection money. Yilmaz declines since they are only making this money for a one-time situation. Later they come back and steal all the money. Kayhan says he knows where they are and leads the men to their bar for an epic fight, where he does surprisingly well -- even killing the leader just as the police arrive.Broke again, the men discuss doing the 20-car deal, except it would be hard finding so many bodies. Just then, the developer's messenger shows up asking Yilmaz again to sell his shop. Heartbroken, Yilmaz agrees to sell it if he can get the $500,000 to help Aynur.-SPOILER ALERT- As the men share a last celebration with their friends before handing over the shop, an officer comes looking for Mr. Vamik and reveals the man was a serial killer and has been in hiding for 20 years.The next day, everyone goes to the airport, where Aynur and Kayhan wave goodbye. Back at the shop, Yilmaz and Müjdat discuss the events of the past few days, but they believe they have done the right thing. They wait to hear how the surgery went, but can't find Ayhan. Also, Kayhan's office is closed permanently and Müjdat is blocked from all three siblings' Facebook pages. It all seems strange until Yilmaz discovers the doctor they met with outside the hospital is an actor. We learn the siblings have conned them by faking the accident and Aynur's injury. Even the thugs who threatened them and stole the money were actors. Yilmaz realizes the siblings have run off with his $1 million.The next day, the developer's messenger returns as if to start demolition. He informs Yilmaz and Müjdat they have been filmed this whole time. With evidence against them, he says the developer now orders the men to continue painting cars with the special body-paint. The developer then arrives, and it appears to be none other than Meral, Aynur's rich friend and co-conspirator.
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