Skinamarink (2022)

Action, Horror, Mystery

Kevin, a four year old boy, is playing on the stairs of his home in the mid 1990's. Suddenly, he is shoved down the stairs for an unknown reason. He is noticeably injured, but his father is relived that he does not need stitches. His father assumes he fell.An unknown amount of time later, but suggested that maybe later that night or the next, Kevin wakes up in the middle of the night by a loud noise. He wakes up his sister, Kaylee, a similarly aged young girl. They turn on the lights of their respective upstairs bedrooms and walk into the hallway to investigate. After a few moments of investigating the upstairs floor, they call out for their father, who does not respond. They shrug off this issue, assuming their father will be back soon.Excited by the prospect of their father not being home, Kaylee suggests sleeping downstairs in the living room. Downstairs, they set up their bedspreads on the couches of the living room and build a Lego village on the floor in front of the TV. They TV plays old VHS cartoons, especially properties such as Betty Boop and Disney-like animation accompanied by classic cartoon soundtracks, which play throughout the entire film. After playing for a while, they decide to investigate the rest of the house, which is seemingly operating with limited power. They discover that night lights have been unplugged, phone lines have been disconnected, and all the windows and doors of the home have disappeared.Later that night Kaylee asks Kevin where their parents could be, however Kevin is noticeably uncomfortable by the mention of their mother, and asks that Kaylee does not bring her up again. Later they continue playing with Lego's and hear a sudden loud noise coming from the adjoining dining room. Now possessing a flashlight, they investigate to find a chair now standing upside down on the ceiling. They are clearly disturbed, but shrug it off before returning to their leisure in the living room before falling asleep.After waking up, Kaylee calls Kevin into the downstairs bathroom, pointing out that the toilet has now disappeared. They collect two buckets as a remedy, but not before stating how gross this is. Later that day or night (they have completely lost track of time), Kaylee hears a voice coming from the dark hallway next to the living room, which beckons her to go upstairs. She follows, which leads her to her parents' bedroom. The voice whispers to look under the bed, where she sees nothing, but when she looks up she finds a female figure sitting on the bed, which she assumes is her mother. The "mother" asks Kaylee to close her eyes, which she obeys, when she opens them she finds that the figure is gone, just before the room erupts in a sharp, high frequency noise and blinding light before immediately falling dark again.An indefinite amount of time later, Kaylee has joined her brother in the living room again. Kevin asks what happened upstairs, but Kaylee does not respond. However, Kaylee insists on moving one of the couches to block entry/exit into the dark adjoining hallway where the voice originated. Later that night, while the two sleep, the cartoon on the TV begins to repeat a scene where a character preforms an illusion where they make themselves disappear. While doing so, the stuffed dolls of both children begin to disappear.The next day/night the voice returns, asking that both children go downstairs to the basement. Kevin, still adorning the flashlight lead his sister into the basement. Soon after, the flashlight loses power. The two young children immediately start to lose composure and get lost in the darkness. Kevin calls out to Kaylee, with no answer. Suddenly the flashlight regains power, only to immediately shine on Kaylee's face, which has now lost both their eyes and mouth and are instead covered by skin.Kevin is now alone in the living room. While he tries to survive, more and more items begin to shift towards the ceiling and other walls in the house. Kevin does not seem to care. The voice comes from the hallway again, but this time commanding that Kevin retrieves a knife from the kitchen, and stab his eye out. The camera then cuts to different rooms around the house while a child's scream erupts, seemingly no less terrifying and loud depending on the room or floor.Now in horrible, severe pain, Kevin attempts to use the phone again, and is surprised to see that it works. He calls 911, where an operator on the other line asks questions about his location and condition, and that Kevin stays on the line until other "grown ups" can come and help. Kevin responds, saying that he "is cut and feeling sick". The operator asks for his location, where Kevin responds that "The doors are gone" before dropping the home phone on the floor and leaving the room.Later, Kevin calls out to the voice, asking what happened to Kaylee. The voice responds, saying that Kaylee did not do as she was told therefore, her mouth was "removed". Soon after, the voice whispers that Kevin needs to come upstairs. He obeys, and soon starts to lose power with his flashlight. To remedy this situation, he turns the flashlight on and off sporadically to save battery. After multiple instances of turning the flashlight on and off, he finds himself standing on the ceiling of the second floor of the house. He calls out for Kaylee and his mother, before being pulled around a corner by an unknown being. From the corner, blood sprays and pours out while Kevin calls out for his "mommy". The shot plays then reverses again multiple times. A door is shown in the pitch darkness, but does not open.Later, Kevin's toy radio is seen suspended and sitting upright of the upstairs hallway ceiling, defying gravity. This is surrounded by his other Lego's and bulling toys. The radio plays the cartoon theme music from earlier. It is revealed that it has been roughly a year and a half since the previous events. The camera fades out, showing that the hallway its infinite and continues until the radio and Lego stack are out of sight.Kevin, who is revealed to have survive the previous events, has gained control of his flashlight again. In the darkness, he makes out a face that stares at him with an absent expression. He calls out to it, asking for its name, to no response. He asks again, but the figure does not respond instead electing to stare at him in the darkness.THE END.
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