Celebrity Sex Tape (2012)

Action, Comedy
Jamie Bernadette, Christine Nguyen, Amy Lindsay
Ross (Jack Cullison) & Ed (Jonathan Brett) are friends at college & are certified nerds. They do homework for college studs in return for money. Ross has a girlfriend Kim (Julie Barzman), who has kept him sexless for 3.5 years. Ed is tired of hanging out with sexless Ross & accepts an invitation to a party in Hollywood Hills. Instead of money, in exchange for one particular delivered homework.Marcus (Colbert Alembert) & Kwang Ho (Howard Cai) are equally nerdy kids at the college who play online video games with colleague Doug (Andre Meadows), who also enjoys live sex shows on a site. All 5 are close friends. They all end up at the party.Ed gets lucky & encounters a drunk actress Mellony Adams (Amanda Ward) & ends up having sex with her, which Ross makes a recording of. Doug is the jackass of the group & ends up posting the video online, which everybody watches. Mellony's agent Danny give the 5 friends a visit at Doug's house & threatens them with arrest (unwilful filming of a sex act, without consent) unless they pay him 500,000 $ in the next 30 days.The guy's figure that the only way to front up that kind of cash is to make even more sex tapes with washed up celebrities & to get internet users to pay for watching it this time on. The guys head to comic con & pick up Jilian Bains (Christine Nguyen), a washed up yesteryear android actress who agrees to have sex with Ed as she wants the kind of publicity that Mellony got after her romp with Ed. Ross & others make a sex tape of the same. Doug again uploads it online; this time as pay per view porn.The money rolls in & so do contact number of girls who want the publicity. So, now the group has an endless supply of willing females to make these videos with & they do. Soon they are up to $ 400,000 in earnings.Kim is angry that Ross is not spending any time with him & confronts him. Ross makes some weak story about hanging out with the dudes. Danny (James E. Hurd Jr.) comes by & says that he is impressed how Jillian got a regular stint in a network show after her sex tape with Ed. He asks the group to keep making videos with his new clients so that they keep getting famous & he can earn his fat commissions.This goes on till Kim finally finds out that Ross is involved in the making of sex tapes. Then Buck (Ed Callison), the owner of a licensed porn website, calls Doug & threatens him with legal action for putting up a porn website without the proper US permissions. Buck makes a proposition, a live day long sex fest with Ross, in exchange for immunity from legal action. Ross is desperate and agrees to it as plan B. Plan A is for the group to apologize to Mellony & to get Danny off their backs.Mellony meets Ross & thanks him for putting the video on the internet as it saved her life & her career. She also says that she has no knowledge of Danny trying to blackmail the group for $500,000. Mellony refuses to help Ross, which leaves him no choice but to agree to Buck's proposition.On the sets of the porn company, Buck gets a really hot girl for Ross to lose his virginity to. Ross gets going, but suddenly has a bout of continence & ends up declaring his love for Kim live on the internet. Kwang Ho takes over from Ross on the sex duties.Mellony is inspired by Ross & fires Danny. She also drops all charges against the group & declares that all the money they earned is for them to keep. Kim & Ross have sex & Danny is shown to be making a secret video of the same.
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