Autobiography (2022)

Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Rakib, an eighteen-year-old housekeeper, lives in a country house when Purna, the owner, suddenly returns. Purna, a retired general, declared himself a candidate in local mayoral elections, running a campaign focused on modernization and development. The village experienced frequent power outages, and Purna proposed building a new power plant - which would require many residents to give up their land. Because his father is in prison and his brother is working abroad, there is a father figure in Rakib's life which Purna fills. Purna makes Rakib his go-to man, a role the boy seems intent on taking-until a small act of vandalism infuriates Purna. He orders Rakib to track down the culprit, who is brutally punished for his crimes. Realizing that he is being absorbed into a culture of violence, Rakib tries to escape.
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