Married by Mistake (2023)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Chloe Bennet, Patti Allan, Jill Morrison, Michael Adamthwaite
Platonic friends Riley Smith and Nate Fisher have just received their MBAs from Stanford University. Going on a bender together to drown their sorrows each for a different reason, they awaken the morning after in bed together in a Las Vegas hotel room to discover that they got married. The reason for Riley's drunken spree is because the corporate job offer she had in Los Angeles fell through for reasons not of her own doing, no job meaning that she remains deep in debt from student loans. Beyond their marriage which they plan on getting annulled, Nate offers her a job with his family's struggling business in small town Cedar Falls, TN. Despite being a west coaster through and through, Riley ultimately accepts Nate's offer if only temporarily while she gets on her feet financially. What she doesn't expect is that Nate tells his family of their marriage in they being more accepting of her working in the business in she being family herself. Riley also makes several discoveries in town. First, the reason for Nate's bender was because his high school sweetheart girlfriend Emily, to who he was going to propose, broke up with him in she feeling he not being there for her, she who ended up marrying Andrew, the football quarterback. Second, what Riley assumed was going to be a small mom and pop "Fisher" business is instead the nationwide "Bynam" (Nate having used his mother's maiden name of Fisher in college in not wanting to coast on the family name) discount big box retailer, Buy Rite. Riley has always used Buy Rite's corporate philosophy to illustrate how not to operate a business. The company has been struggling ever since Nate's mother passed, she the corporate brains with Nate's father, "Buck" Bynam, a "my way or the highway" type man, espousing the bottom line in the simplistic mind set of minimizing expenditures while maximizing revenues. Buck doesn't trust Riley in believing her to be purely a gold-digger after the Bynam money, but the real reason for his dislike of her is being scared of any change that could jeopardize his position. However, Nate's grandmother, Faye Bynam, the company's matriarch, quietly sees in Riley just what the company needs. And third, the man Riley made a connection with when she first arrived into town is Nate's brother, Rhys Bynam, who has always had an issue with Buck but who has returned to town to help get the company back on its feet. Riley and Rhys mutually falling for each other has the obvious obstacle of Riley and Nate's "marriage".—Huggo
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