Be My Valentine (2013)

Action, Comedy, Family, Romance
Natalie Brown, Christian Martyn, William Baldwin, Michael Xavier
Dan Farrell is a widowed Manchester Fire Department lieutenant. He has not dated since his wife's death, the two who were together for twenty years, she his childhood sweetheart, and thus only ever girlfriend. Kate Burlingham owns a florist shop with her best friend Wendy Clark. Kate has not dated in five months ever since her last serious and long term boyfriend, Gavin Malone, moved to Los Angeles. They broke up because he was unwilling to make a commitment to her, she who would have moved to LA with him if he asked her to marry him. Dan and Kate meet two weeks before Valentine's Day when Dan and his fellow first responders attend to a minor fire in Kate's shop, the fire which shuts down the shop temporarily until the insurance moneys come through. They end up spending time together out of circumstance as Kate helps him with the floral arrangements for the fire station's upcoming annual Valentine's Day fundraising ball. Although Kate is attracted to Dan and wants him to make the move to courtship, she may not be as fully over Gavin as she believes she is. And Dan, who has never had a romantic relationship with anyone but his wife, may not fully understand the signs being thrown his way, or how to act on them. Concurrently, Dan helps his twelve year old son, Tyler, go through his first ever case of puppy love, with Rebecca, the daughter of the station's new EMT, Chelsea. While Dan knows all about puppy love, having met his wife at about the same time in his life that Tyler currently is, Tyler may have to navigate the feelings of love, including the associated feeling of jealousy, on his own.—Huggo
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