Night Hunt (2022)


A glamorous photo session ends up with a young model murdered by a deranged photographer who seems to hide sinister motives. The next morning, a city worker finds two bodies in an alley behind the photo studio: the model and the photographer. This mysterious double murder is the starting point for "Night Hunt". Chicago has a new enemy, an unstoppable killer that preys on his victims at night. The authorities are not very interested in solving a crime that simply adds to the already troubling statistics of a violent city. To them, this is just more of the same. However, Pilar and Shelley, a queer couple of intrepid reporters, seem to know better. They have found out that this is not an ordinary killer and ending his reign of terror will fall entirely on their shoulders. As if fighting a blood-thirsty monster wasn't enough, Pilar and Shelley will also have to face censorship and repression from a hostile establishment that is simply not interested in solving a crisis that seems to benefit their status quo. A fast-paced violent horror movie with a social twist, Night Hunt is more than the story of a brutal killer roaming the streets of Chicago. It's also the story of two restless warrioresses to save the city they love.—Ricardo Islas
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