Among Ravens (2014)

Action, Comedy, Drama
Johnny Sequoyah, Amy Smart, Victoria Smurfit, Joshua Leonard
During the Fourth of July holiday, a group of people are staying in a lake house belonging to Ellis and Wendy. Ellis is "Provider Dad" to Joey, while Saul King is her biological Dad and Wendy's ex. Saul wanted a boy so that explains Joey's name, but she's quite feminine. On the radio, Saul is described as a someone who left Wall Street and became an author whose debut novel reached the number one spot, something that had not happened since Fitzgerald. Saul's books have birds in the title but are not about birds, as quirky bird lover Chad discovered. Still, Chad enjoyed the books and wants to interview Saul. He is also a photographer and may be a professional journalist. Chad seems to have mental problems but seems relatively normal. Saul is with Emma now, but their marriage may be in trouble. Ellis and Wendy are also on shaky ground. Ellis is kind of a wimp and Joey doesn't really respect him. Another couple in the group has a peaceful, spiritual attitude. Everyone has some sort of relationship problem, if they are in fact in a relationship.
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