You Can't Escape Me (2023)

Drama, Thriller
Jhey Castles, James Hyde, Gina Vitori
Artist, Erin Carver, is talented but very modest and insecure. She books a showing at a local gallery and rushes home to celebrate with her handsome lawyer husband, Jared. Neighbor Polly, stops by randomly to invite Erin to tea.Suzanne, who is also a lawyer, is thrilled for her friend and feels like Jared could be more supportive.Erin takes a shower, and her phone goes off. Jared sees it is the gallery owner, Angel, and he answers. He is surprised Angel is a man and accuses Erin of sleeping her way to a gallery spot. She laughs it offHis controlling behavior continues, and he criticizes the dress that she wears to his work party. They were impulsively married, and the first year of marriage seems to have a lot of surprises.At the work event, Jared notices his wife talking to the firm's newest member, Carter. He possessively pulls Erin away and screams at her for "embarrassing" him. Later, Erin tells him that he needs to stop the jealousy. They fight in the car, and passing co-workers watch, concerned.Suzanne has lunch with Erin and is even more concerned when she hears about what happened. Suzanne asks her friend to believe him when he shows her his true colors.It is the night of the art gallery, and Erin is excited. That feeling doesn't last for long because Jared sees her talking to Angel and gets extremely jealous. He gets violent and forces her to go home with him.On the drive home, Jared speeds and drives aggressively. He tells her that she is not to see Angel again OR do her art. Erin is terrified and agrees only to get him to calm down.When Jared is in the shower, Erin tries to sneak out of the house, but he hides her car keys and catches her leaving. He becomes so angry that he hits her. Erin runs out of the house and to Polly's house. Neighbor Polly turns out to be pretty nice and shares that she was the victim of abuse. But she secretly informs Jared about Erin being in her house while Erin was in the washroom.Jared is literally dragging Erin back to the house when Suzanne pulls up with her phone, recording everything. Suzanne tells Erin to get into the car and promises Jared that she will call the police.Suzanne takes Erin in and helps her be proactive about getting her back on her feet. Suzanne calls to freeze Erin's credit and even offers her friend money, since all Erin's bank accounts are joint. Erin is haunted by nightmares of Jared finding her and has night terrors.Jared is actually following Erin; he sleeps outside Suzanna's house and watches their every move. When he thinks Erin is home alone, he goes to the door and is surprised to see Suzanne.Erin wears a big floppy hat, gets a burner phone, and takes a bus to Portland to stay with an old college friend named Katie.Jared meets with his parents for a birthday celebration, and they are concerned about his marriage. They hear gossip about Jared and Erin's fighting and are worried about Jared ruining the family's reputation.Erin (now going as Lauren) starts a job as an art teacher and takes a liking to a curly-haired guy named Miles. He makes small talk which is cut short when Erin learns he is a lawyer. Another art student talks to Erin about her gym and offers a self-defense class. Erin, thanks, Cassie, for the offer.Jared calls Katie, and Erin finds out. She decides to take that self-defense class. Cassie is knowledgeable, sympathetic, and encouraging.Katie has a meet-cute with a guy named Harvey. Erin also runs into Miles at a coffee shop, and they have some small talk. She asks him if he knows any divorce lawyers., to which he replies affirmative.While teaching class, Erin is approached by a local gallery owner. Erin starts painting again.Erin can't sleep and goes out for a late-night jog. She sees a car following her and heads home to find Katie and Harvey kissing on the front porch. She introduces herself and heads inside.The next day Harvey confronts Katie about Erin. He knows her name isn't Lauren. Jared hired him to keep tabs on Erin. Katie goes along with it and doesn't tell Erin.Erin is too busy continuing with her training and art. She catches Miles in a lie about the divorce lawyer and writes him off as a spy for Jared. Miles clears things up at the sold-out art gallery. All her painting are being sold to a single buyer who happens to be Jared.Katie takes Erin home, and it slips that she has been talking to Jared the whole time. Jared convinced Katie that he was sorry.Jared shows up and bashes Katies head into a table. Then he demands that Erin come with him. She uses her self-defense skills to use and screams, "You don't control me anymore." He tells her he is going to kill her, and she kicks him in the face sending him flying into a table and hitting his head. Jared dies.Katie apologizes for falling for Jared's lies, and Erin tells her that is what he does. Erin cries with Miles. She can't believe what happened.Later, Erin gets another showing at Angel's art gallery. (thanks to lifetimeuncorked)
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