Hard Drive (2014)

Drama, Romance
Megan Follows, Laura Wiggins, Douglas Smith
At 23, Ditch is a virgin. And, digitally speaking, you could say he's a bit of a luddite. He spends his days listening to cassettes on his old broken Walkman as he drives a beat off van to the dump to recycle yesterday's newspapers. His hard-working mother, Barbara, thinks he could do better. Much better. Boomer Knudsten is the tenant upstairs. A burnt-out old jazz drummer, Knudsten has become bit of a father figure to Ditch, but he's stuck way back in the 'sixties', constantly playing to the music spinning around in his head. One day, old Knudsten crashes dead on the floor. Pretty much the same day, the mysterious and beautiful Debs arrives in the neighbourhood. With nothing but the clothes on her back, a cell phone that freaks her out when it rings and a little laptop that she won't let out of her sight, you can tell that young Debs is a very troubled soul. Jealousy? Or a mother's intuition? Either way, Barbara watches with deep concern as Debs gradually takes over her son's life and the young couple begins a long hard drive on a road toward discovery, understanding and love.—Anonymous
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  • William D. MacGillivray Director:
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