Steirerblut (2014)

Crime, Drama
Aglaia Szyszkowitz
St. Anna of all places. With a bad feeling, the Grazer LKA young commissioner Sandra Mohr returns to her hometown to solve the death of a journalist at the side of her new boss Sascha Bergmann. Because she wanted to write a disclosure story about abuse of office and nepotism, the mayor comes under suspicion. Shortly before the election, a scandal would be more than inconvenient for the controversial politician. He can only rely on his nephew, post commander Max Leitgeb. He lets evidence disappear and clumsily approaches Sandra, his "ex" from his teenage days. Old wounds soon resurface: the conflict with her own mother because she put her violent half-brother Mike in prison years ago, and the trauma of her friend Franzi, who was once abused by her father. The taunts and innuendos from colleague Bergmann also bother Sandra. Her supposed "home advantage" becomes a heavy burden when she learns that Mike is deeply involved in the murder case. The ideal policewoman is now faced with a multiple test: Sandra has to stay honest in her work, assert herself against her boss and with her come to terms with their own past, but giving up is not an option.—ARD Das Erste
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