Gaslight (2023)

Action, Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Vikrant Massey, Chitrangda Singh, Sara Ali Khan
Misha is a paralyzed young woman confined to a wheelchair. For the first time in 15 years, she has returned home, to her father's royal estate in Mayagarh- only to be told that he is away on a business trip. Misha is suspicious of her stepmother Rukmini's odd behaviour, and is convinced that something is amiss. While searching around the estate she discovers her father's dead body, only to have it vanish before anyone else can see it. She keeps seeing visions of her father beckoning her for help from the afterlife. Is Misha's father really dead, or is she losing her mind? Misha embarks on the journey of solving this puzzle with the help of the estate manager Kapil, who was very close to her father. He becomes her one and only confidante in a world that seems strewn with a web of lies, where everyone seems to have ulterior motives. Misha's first suspect is her flamboyant and unapologetic cousin and her father's business associate Rana. Rana and her father had some kind of a deal and Misha thinks the deal went awry, forcing Rana to dispose of her father. She overhears a conversation between Rana and her stepmother Rukmini where Rana threatens to unmask her in front of everyone. This leads Misha to believe that they were in cahoots and planned her father's death. She and Kapil tail Rana to his factory and confront him; only to realize that Rana is as clueless as them. In fact, the father's disappearance is more of a hindrance for Rana as he had taken out a loan in his name and now needs the father's signature for it go to through. Once Rana is out of suspicion, Misha starts to suspect the Inspector in charge of the case; Ashok Tanvar. Word around town is that Ashok and Rukmini used to be in love before Rukmini got married to Misha's father. She had also learnt from Rana that Rukmini was pregnant, and the rumour is that its an illegitimate child. This naturally leads Misha to suspect that Ashok and Rukmini resumed their romance andplotted her father's death in order to be together again. But before Misha can move any further, her investigation is derailed by news of Rana's death- brutally beaten up to death in his own factory. A distraught Rukmini warns Misha to leave the palace as she goes to Rana's funeral. Now alone in the palace, with the help of her father's faithful dog; Misha finds her father's hidden dead body and is shattered. But someone else was there as well- and before Misha can fully register the shock; she is taken away and wakes up inside a car on the edge of a cliff. The culprit pushes the car down the hill as Misha screams for help.Will Misha be able to find out who the culprit was? Will she be able to solve the mystery of her father's death? With several vested interests and the massive estate at stake, no one is without motive, not even Misha.
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