Horror Story (2023)

Action, Drama
Michalina Olszanska
Tomek, a fresh banking graduate, comes to the big city to start his adult life with a bang. He dreams of spectacular success, thanks to which he will regain the favor of his ex-girlfriend and show the world what he is capable of. First, due to lack of funds, he decides to rent a room in an old, crumbling villa, populated by a group of eccentric tenants. Already on the first night he realizes that he is living in a house straight from horror movies. It seems that from here he will end up in a psychiatric hospital sooner than in his dream corporation. The great world of glass office buildings, love conquests and the general "dolce vita" is moving away from Tomek, and his young life plunges into chaos. Will she find enough strength to break free from the jaws of madness?—G
  • 2023-09-18 Released:
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