Friday Night Plan (2023)

Comedy, Drama
Aadhya Anand, Babil Khan
Friday morning 6:30 am.An academically focused and passionate football player, Siddharth (Babil Khan) always wanted every decision he made to be perfect. The stressful decision of applying to the right colleges got to him, and his brother's sudden interest in accompanying him to an early soccer match troubled him even more.Siddharth strongly believed that his brother would only make situations worse for him. After all, it was because of Adi (Amrith Jayan) that his classmates came up with an embarrassing nickname for him (Shitty Siddy, since Sid takes too much time in the bathroom). Siddharth also knew that Adi had a hidden motive behind his sudden interest in watching his elder brother play. Siddharth had always watched the matches from the bench, and his brother coming to support him would be humiliating. Siddharth tried to explain his situation to his mother, but it did not help his cause. Siddharth had his eyes on his mother's (Juhi Chawla) car, and now that he had a driving license, he wanted to take it out for a ride. Siddharth's mother categorically asked him not to touch the car while she was away on her business trip. They agreed to go on a weekend family trip together, during which Sid would finally get the chance to drive the car.Adi always wanted to become cool and popular in school, and he was desperately trying to find a way to get into the good books of the football players and the famous senior girls. While Sid did not approve of Adi's desperate behavior, he did take into consideration Adi's opinion about asking Natasha Sabharwal (Medha Rana) for prom. Sid had a major crush on Natasha for years, but he never dared to express his feelings. She was the popular girl in school, while he was the nerd.Sid was asked to wait on the bench before the match began. He was pretty much lost in his own romantic thoughts when Own Goal (the nickname of the player) injured his leg and was pulled out of the match. The coach asked Sid to join, and his only advice for Sid was to pass the ball to the star football player, Kabir (Aditya Jain). After waiting on the bench for years, Sid finally got the chance to prove himself as a footballer. When the ball was passed to him, he could either attempt to score the goal or lose the opportunity while trying to pass it to Kabir. Sid took his chance and scored. Natasha and her sister Nitya were also at the game. While the players and students celebrated the win, Sid left the field. But as soon as he left the restroom, he found 'fans' swarming all around him. Sid learns that Kabir is also looking to ask Natasha for the prom.Sid meets the school's counselor, who begs him to start his university application process, which he has been stalling for 8 months. Sid says that if he has to take a gap year, so be it, but he won't apply without doing proper research.To celebrate the grand win, the football team declared a Friday night party, popularly known as the FNP (Friday Night Plan). Sid initially decided not to attend the party, but his decision changed when Natasha asked him to join. Natasha wanted to go on a late-night car ride, and Sid jumped at the opportunity, promising to bring his car to the party. Natasha says that the boys are meeting at JC's before the party and says that Kabir will text him the details. Adi was over the moon once he realized that Sid would be attending the party. Sid could not leave Adi alone at home since their mother was away, so unwillingly, he had to take Adi along.Adi helped Sid prepare for the party by introducing him to all the party games and helping him dress right for the occasion. Sid felt extremely guilty driving his mother's car, but he had no other option. He had to prove to Natasha that he was worth going to prom with, and a late-night drive could be a way to her heart. Sid and Adi met with the rest of the football team at a shady eatery. The boys from the opposing school paid the owner of the eatery to turn on the sprinklers, leaving the ISM boys soaking wet.The prank was almost a ritual that both schools engaged in, and it was time for ISM to come up with an equally embarrassing prank idea. Adi stepped in and suggested they throw eggs at the opposing players. Sid was behind the wheel while the rest of the boys attacked the Global School boys with eggs. Unfortunately, instead of hitting a player, one of the eggs Adi threw landed on a police officer. As apologetic as Sid was about the incident, he could not afford to stay back and sort out the matter. The car belonged to his mother, and he could not land in trouble. But the police officer was not ready to let go of them. His ego was hurt, and he decided to teach the boys a lesson. He followed the car, and once Sid and Adi left it parked on the side of the road, he towed it after he found eggs inside the car. Sid and Adi ask Kabir to come pick them up for the party.After reaching the party, Sid decided to go back to the location where he left the car with Kabir's car and his driver. As soon as he reached it, he realized that the car had been towed. Sid called Adi for support, but as usual, his younger brother was not worried at all. Adi's logic was simple: since they could not deal with the car issue, it was better to party. He advised Sid to inform their mother the next morning and leave it to her to deal with the police. Sid was guilt-tripping, and after disconnecting Adi's call, he dialed his mother's number. He had broken her trust, and he sought comfort in her voice. Meanwhile, Adi continued to portray his brother as an action-hero figure who not only scored a goal in the morning but was also a smooth driver who maneuvered through the Mumbai alleys and helped them complete the prank.Unable to make a decision, Sid arrived at the party. He confronted Adi and accused him of being a coward who always created trouble but did not have the guts to face any consequences. Adi tried to stay calm, but he was not ready to accept all the accusations. He retorted and accused Sid of being timid and always hiding behind his problems. Sid enjoyed dancing, but he never dared to shake a leg in public. Adi reminded Sid how he had failed to send a single college application simply because he lacked clarity. He was so hesitant about making the wrong decision that he chose not to even try.Adi believed that Sid changed after the death of their father. He wanted to become responsible and dependable, but in the process, he forgot to enjoy his life in the first place. Sid agreed that he could not bear the thought of disappointing their mother, and he challenged Adi to call their mother and confess the truth. Adi pretended to call her and convinced Sid that their mother was busy, and she said that she would take care of the mess after she returned home. Sid was relieved, and he finally decided to enjoy the night. Adi did what he thought was best for his brother. He knew that they would not be able to solve the problem that night, but Sid could have the most memorable night and enjoy his last few days in school.Everyone at the party welcomed Sid with open arms. He was having the time of his life, playing party games and dancing with his crush. Adi's best friend, Nitya (Aadhya Anand), had overheard Sid and Adi's argument, and later, when Sid came up to her to talk, she explained how Adi had no ill-intentions for him. Sid realized he might have been too harsh on Adi, and they made up, singing and dancing to a song that they had composed. But Sid did not know then that Adi had called their mother in the meantime. Adi was feeling guilty after his confrontation with Sid. He wondered if he truly was a disappointment to their mother, and he called her for comfort. After receiving calls from both her sons, she figured out that something was going on. Her meeting had ended, and she decided to return home.Before Sid learned about the truth, he got a chance to spend some time alone with Natasha. He expressed how well he related to the poetry she had penned for English class, and Natasha explained that it was her sister, Nitya, who had composed it. Sid realized that he barely knew Natasha, and the bit he fell in love with was not really her. While Natasha showed interest in him, Sid made it clear that he did not wish to pursue a relationship that he did not see any potential in. After his honest conversation with Natasha, Sid apologized to Adi. As soon as the brothers united, Adi confessed that their mother was on her way back home.The plan was to somehow convince the police officer to allow them to take their car home. After reaching the police station, Sid begged the sub-inspector, Suhas Pingale (Ninad Kamat), to forgive their childish mistake, and he was about to offer him money when Adi came to his rescue. Adi realized that the sub-inspector would be offended if he was offered money, and so he interrupted Sid and confessed that he was the one who flung an egg at him. After apologizing and appreciating the policeman for being an honest cop, Suhas Pingale allowed them to leave the station with their car.The brothers drove back home, and before their mother arrived, they managed to sort everything out on their own. As soon as their mother entered the house, she asked them to explain the phone calls, and the brothers decided to confess the truth. After overcoming what seemed impossibly stressful, they realized they could laugh about it with their mother. The two brothers became closer than ever before. Not only that, Sid realized that he barely knew the girl he had a crush on and could instead relate more to her sister, Nitya. Sid was the famous kid in school with a prom date and a newfound confidence to take the risk and apply to colleges.
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