Little Evil (2017)

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Clancy Brown, Evangeline Lilly, Sally Field, Adam Scott
After being buried alive by his stepson, Gary finally wants a divorce. He'd had plenty of warning signs before this. Gary just married Samantha without getting to know her son, Lucas. He tries to bond with him. Gary is called to the school after Lucas told his teacher to go to hell - followed by her suicide. Samantha's blind to her son's evil behavior - blaming it on others. As the school principle and psychologist insist, Gary starts going to group therapy for stepdads. They all seem to think their stepchildren are little devils. Gary arranges Lucas' 6 year birthday party and invites a colleague and his new friends from group therapy. It's eventful. The wedding videographer believes literally, from seeing the disaster wedding video, that Lucas is the reincarnation of the devil.—Scott Filtenborg
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