Let's Kill Ward's Wife (2014)

Action, Comedy, Crime
Patrick Wilson, Amy Acker, Dagmara Dominczyk, Scott Foley
Four long time male friends see their friendship disturbed by one of their wives, whose sole purpose in life is to rob others of having a good time, including her well-meaning husband. When the plan of the other three - a a figure of speech - becomes reality, the four men and the wives of two of the others work jointly to prevent accident from turning into disaster. As a plot - friendship works and the two couples see their relationship invigorated by the tension and the realization that there is no way back. This movie has many more interesting aspects than the story itself. The friendship between the men and the response of the two women. The self-confident womanizer who has to deal with things alone.The confrontation of people who love and care for each other with a person who consistently abuses one of them. Watching the movie with that in mind gives a different perspective. All actors - even the wicked one - play their role to perfection. Only weakness is the police neighbour who gets stuck between Breaking Bad and the late great John Candy. Watch and see beyond the obvious.
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