Amira & Sam (2014)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Dina Shihabi, Paul Wesley, Martin Starr, David Rasche
In 2008, Sam is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who takes the Staten Island Ferry to his job as a security guard at a building where spoiled young rich people live. He gets revenge on a group that was drunk and disorderly, which becomes a problem for him later.Amira is a young Muslim woman who sells DVDs on the street. This is illegal for several reasons and will become a problem later.Sam has a souvenir from when he served alongside Bassam in Iraq and they became good friends. He found out where Bassam lived in New York City, but when he arrives at the apartment building, he has to press a button to get in but can't figure out which one. Amira is no help and makes it clear from the start she doesn't like him. Sam finally figures out how to get in and discovers Amira is Bassam's niece. Bassam is so happy to see his old friend but Amira hates soldiers because of what they did to her family. Furthermore, Amira is in the country illegally because she is afraid of what will happen to her after her family helped the enemy during the war. Sam stays for dinner but it is an awkward experience. He is an aspiring stand-up comic and he tells some funny stories and does it well, but Amira is not impressed. The three watch TV ("Keeping Up with the Kardashians") and then it is time for Sam to go. Amira rudely pushes Sam out.Sam goes to a comedy club, where the results are no better than with Amira.It's not clear why because he is not looking for disability benefits, but Sam visits a Veterans' Affairs office.Sam visits his cousin Charlie, who sells hedge funds on Wall Street. Charlie needs a veteran to convince Jack, a wealthy Vietnam vet, to invest millions of dollars. Sam does a great job making friends with Jack and it looks like he has a future on Wall Street. But there are potential problems with this job. Sam also gets invited to several parties, which ends up being a problem.In addition to all his other difficulties, Sam gets a call from Bassam, who is miles away in the middle of nowhere. Apparently he drives a truck and that's why he's not in the city. Amira finally got in trouble and needs someone to get her out of jail. And to watch over her until Bassam can return and hopefully get her out of trouble.It seems unlikely, but there is actually potential for romance between Sam and Amira. She stays at his place, and they spend time together.And people are looking at Amira a certain way. September 11 is mentioned twice. The first time is when Sam and his friends (the others are wearing suits) talk about what they did the next day, though apparently only Sam went through with his plans. The second time is when Sam's uncle, looking at Amira, tells how he watched people jump from the twin towers.While the movie is funny at times and Sam and Amira do have a pleasant relationship, it does not shy away from the issues.
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