The Night Crew (2015)

Action, Horror, Thriller
Bokeem Woodbine, Danny Trejo, Jason Mewes, Luke Goss
At a highway rest stop Mae slugs Rose in washroom and escapes. She tricks Wade and hijacks a pickup. The Bounty hunters follow, puzzled how Mae escaped Wade phones their boss Willie in LA, a wheels chair guy under threat from Armenians, anxiously waiting for Mae.Aguilar is under medical care with an IV and is anxious to get Mae back. Mae finds and abandoned resort motel and enters, finds a room. A young ponytailed white guy, Chachi, smokes weed by the empty pool.Mae cleans up, has flashbacks of Aguilar approaching her shirtless. Aguilar phones her but Mae says she is never coming back, upset he ruined her life. The guard has noticed a light and called it in, he had heard the Mexicans were looking for an Asian girl.She captures Chachi, he says his brother in law runs drugs and he had to.The bounty hunters arrive and quickly find Mae and Chachi and take them prisoner. In a hurry to leave the group go warily to their truck but a large group of armed Mexicans arrive firing weapons. Barely escaping an RPG the six make it back into the motel.Aguilar calls his aide who reports Mae is protected by bounty hunters, but he wants her alive.Mexicans call out to surrender, Wade says they have to hold firm. 'Shaw and Ronnie and take Chachi to a landline phone and call Willie in LA for "hostage rescue support" but the line is cut before they can say where.The Bounty Hunters withstand a furious assault. The Mexicans have an advantage in numbers but many die. Mae goes into a trance. Another RPG. Chachi is wounded and is dragged away. The Bounty Hunters regroup and pause. Ronnie has been hit and is bleeding . Rose explains to 'Shaw he "wasn't there when she needed him", angry he goes to fight Wade her new boyfriend. Rose announces she is pregnant and the men stop fighting. A grenade goes off and the room is stunned. They are captured. The men are bound and kicked. Mae has disappeared again and the Mexicans demand to know where she is. Rose is bound on a bed in the command Van, under guard. Wade is tortured. Mae hears Rose's screams and pauses on her escape.Shaw recovers and helps Wade kill their torturer. The two put aside their differences. Mae rescues Rose and kills her guard. The bounty hunters recover their weapons and move into the courtyard shooting the Mexicans.The women hold the bus and the three make their way and all manage to escape. Ronnie is badly hurt and dies. Motorcycle attackers approach and a gunfight starts again. Shaw is killed. Mae weeps.Aguilar at his mansion is confident Mae will return. He has has old book about resurrection.Wade is wounded in the leg. Rose is distraught, Mae takes her away to safety to a nearby old factory. Rose is in pain, Mae says she has miscarried.Mae explains she used to love Aguilar. The Mexicans approach calling for Mae. Mae, armed with a knife fights the lead Mexican, she cuts him but the man's strength overcomes her, forced to call Aguilar they argue, Aguilar then orders her killed. Meanwhile Wade has recovered a bit and fights through more henchmen. Rose shoots The big Mex in the back but he turns and fires a shot into Rose. Mae now fights for her life and chews the big man's jugular.Sunrise, the two women hug, Mae says she can cure Rose and bites into her neck, Wade, still alive kills the last five Mexicans and then drops, Rose rushes to him. She tells Mae she can't lose him.Aguilar walks his mansion grounds, Mae arrives again, now with Wade and Rose all fit and healthy. Aguilar bares his fangs and prepares to fight.Back in LA the bail bondsman is surprised by Wade, Wade leaves a duffle bag full of cash.Wade and Rose drive off together, Mae goes her own way.
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