Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 2 (2014)

Comedy, Documentary
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond
This time Jeremy and Hammond decide to skip France & go down the Italian coast, starting at Venice & ending at Capri. For the first leg Hammond chooses the brand new V10 5.2L Lamborgini Avocado. Jeremy chooses the McLaren 650S, twin turbo 3.8 L V8. They both haven't chosen the Ferrari 458, as James May owns one. On the way to Bologna, Jemery says that the McLaren 650S has 641 BHP & 500 torque, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. The 4 tires are connected electronically, & not physically, which means that if one tire goes over a bump, the others don't feel it & the car feels like gliding over a cloud.The Lambo has body made up of a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum which is easy to fix. The gear box comes from Audi R8, which is the best gear box in the world, feels like a sports car & is steering is fantastic. In Bologna, the home of Lambo, more people prefer the McLaren & Hammond cant find Spaghetti Bolognaise. The sat navigators on both cars are useless, but the McLaren is easier to navigate the narrow streets, while the wide Lambo is considerably more difficult to drive in a city.The guys visit the Mugello race track next, which Jeremy calls the prettiest race track in the world. Jeremy chooses the BMW M4 & Hammond the V8 Jaguar F Type with 540 BHP. Hammond doesn't like the Jaguar as he thinks the interiors are boring & the price tag is super car money at 95,000 pounds. But he has still chosen it, as it can slide like anyone's business.Jeremy doesn't like the BWM M4 either, as he believes it is over-styled, under powered & the electric steering is useless in sports mode. But the standing truth is that the M3 did a standing Km in 24 secs, the M4 does it in 22. Its not the speed, its the precision of the handling. The producers ask Jeremy & Hammond to race the Stug, who would be driving the fiat 500 Abarth hatchback. The Stig has a 2.5 min head start and the other have to overtake him. After many laps, they finally have Stig in sight, but Hammond spins out & crashes the Jaguar. Jeremy overtakes the Stig, who is furious & kicks the chairs in the hangar.For the next leg the guys chose hybrids. Jeremy takes the McLaren P1, which has an electric motor and a V8, 904 BHP. Hammond again convinces Jeremy to do rally racing in Ferraries. He chooses Ferrari 355 for Jeremy, which had a Pontiac for a base in the past, V6 engine 140 BHP. Hammond chooses a Ferrari Testarossa, 2.5 L, V4 with 92 BHP. The 355 breaks down & after getting it fixed, Jeremy tries to ram it into the Testarossa to end the rally race, which he hates. Finally when all else fails, Jeremy crashes his own car to end the rally race.Next, to traverse the narrow streets of Seinna, Hammond chooses the Mini Cooper S, and Jeremy the Audi S1. Hammond doesn't like the car being called a mini as it is 10 cm longer than the previous model, which was 60 centimeters longer than the original. So no longer a mini. 2L turbo charged engine with 200 BHP, costing 25,000 pounds. The Audi S1 has 228 BHP, 2L turbo, 4 wheel drive, 6 speed manual gear box, a lot similar to the Audi Quatro. Both cars were difficult to drive in the narrow streets of Sienna. So they ditched them.The next day he chose the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray to drive to Rome. 6.2 L V8 with 460 BHP top speed of 190 mph. Jeremy chooses the Alpha Romeo 4C, carbon fiber chassis, 900 kg weight, 1.7 L turbo charged engine with 237 BHP. The cars are very different to each other, but Jeremy insists that the Alpha is faster. So they chose a track outside Rome & ask Stig to drive both the cars around the circuit. Corvette does 2.01.6 compared to Alpha 2:03.4. The Corvette is hopelessly out of place in Rome, where every car is a fuel efficient hatchback.The next day, to drive to the coast, Hammond chooses the Mercedes AMG A class, and Jeremy the Golf R. Both have 2L Turbo charged engines & 4 wheel drives. The Merc has 355 BHP, 7 speed, double clutch gear box, 0-60 4.3 secs, top speed 168 mph, costing 48,000 pounds, 7000 pounds more than the Golf R, with 297 BHp. For the last 10 miles to Capri, they chose the 1962 and 1963 Alpha Romeo spider cars. But then ditch the idea and take speed boats to Capri and finally use Ford Capris, a 2.8 L and a 3 L to drive to the center of town. Once again they are arrested by the local police & jailed.
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