Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Mickey Rourke, Tom Sizemore, Taylor Cole, Michael Paré
Detective Mitch Walker (JOHNNY MESSNER) doubts the guilt of army vet Jack Simon, who has been accused of a machine gun attack on civilians. Walker is soon contacted by Clarence Peterson (MICKEY ROURKE), a stranger who requests to meet him in a secluded place and hands off a vial of blue liquid and a flash drive in turn involving Walker in a top-secret, highly dangerous, military program called SWAP that is run by a private contractor seeking personal revenge for the death of his son. Against the orders of his captain to drop it, Walker continues to investigate Simon's case and the implications of SWAP's involvement even as it begins to threaten the life of his family. When he unlawfully brings in Peterson for questioning, Walker is suspended from the force and finally drops his dogged investigation before it destroys his entire life. But the agency's director abducts him with plans to turn Walker into a destructive force in the service of SWAP through a sophisticated mind control program, an extremely advanced and dangerous weapon that SWAP has been developing as a new way to fight and WIN wars. Now Walker must join forces with the program's creator in a race against the clock to defeat SWAP before it takes him over completely.
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