The Poison Rose (2019)

Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Brendan Fraser, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Famke Janssen
Set in 1978, the plot centers on Los Angeles private investigator Carson Phillips. He is hired to conduct an investigation in his Texan hometown where mental facility patient Barbara Poole has been incommunicado for some time, which has her L.A. based niece worried about her well-being.Upon reaching the sanatorium, he notices that the staff all look nervous when he asks for her. Dr. Miles, the head doctor, is evasive and strings him along for several days. Carson never gets to see Mrs Poole.He meets up with his ex, Jayne, and their daughter, Becky. Becky is married to the star quarterback, Happy. One night during a game, Happy suddenly dies and the police strongly suspect Becky. Jayne asks Carson for help.Becky was being abused by Happy, but since he was the star quarterback, the police would not arrest him. Dr. Miles was killing off patients who were not financially supported by their families, Barbara Poole included, and collecting their social security money. Carson uncovers the truth and Dr. Miles is shot dead by a patient.Carson and Jayne reconcile and he finds a bottle of cancer pills. This same substance was found in Happy's blood. He accuses her of "doing anything to protect her daughter" and realizes that she was the one who poisoned Happy. Becky comes out and asks her if she did it. At first Jayne denies everything, but then admits that she thought that Happy would kill Becky and since she herself did not have long to live, no one would be left to protect her daughter. Becky forgives her.The movie ends with Carson stating that he was going to go home, then realizes he is home, implying he stays with his ex and daughter instead of going back to Los Angeles.(copied from Wikipedia)
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