They Reach (2020)

Adventure, Horror

1969 - Paranormal researcher Dr. Mark Quinnley and his son Alex investigate the case of Mrs. Phyllis Burkhart's possessed son Michael. A priest intervenes by claiming the boy must be sacrificed to stop this demon's unique curse. The evil entity supernaturally kills Phyllis and begins choking the priest. Mark shoots the boy to save the priest. Michael's blood pools into the reel-to-reel machine recording the investigation.10 Years Later - Still grieving the recent death of her older brother Steven, 13-year-old Jessica Daniels acquires the tape recorder from an antique store. Jessica accidentally bleeds on the recorder while working with her tinkerer father John. The demon's symbol forms on the palm where Jessica cut herself.Jessica's best friends Sam and Cheddar come over to work on Sam and Jessica's science fair project, which is a potato-powered electric lamp. Jessica and Sam become spooked when they briefly see a vision of a woman tearing off her face.While driving, John encounters Phyllis Burkhart's ghost in the road. John reports the haunting encounter to Sheriff Charlie Wells and his deputy Bart, but they brush off John's claim.At school, Jessica briefly encounters a ghostly doppelganger. When she returns home, Jessica finds her mother Grace possessed. Jessica runs to Sam's house for help. Charlie and Bart arrest John for murder when they respond to a disturbance at the house and find Grace dead. Cheddar joins Jessica and Sam after finding the Daniels house cordoned off as a crime scene.Tying the haunting visions and Jessica's possessed mother together, the three friends go to the library to research the demonic symbol. Librarian Marybeth Moonstar, who is also an occult enthusiast, refers the trio to a book by Mark Quinnley and also gives them Alex Quinnley's address.The entity slaughters Bart at the sheriff's station, prompting Charlie and John to flee. Charlie and John rush back to the Daniels house where they find two more deputies murdered.Now a priest, Alex Quinnley tells Jessica, Sam, and Cheddar what happened in 1969. Marybeth arrives and adds that her research revealed the demon can be repelled with organic light. Marybeth's information leads to a conclusion that the tape recorder is the entity's portal for possessing "the marked one."The entity suddenly decapitates Marybeth and pulls Cheddar away. Alex forces Jessica and Sam to flee in his car. When Jessica later becomes momentarily possessed, Alex prepares to shoot her, but the demon kills him. John and Charlie arrive in time to rescue Jessica and Sam from demon hands reaching at them from beneath Alex's car.Realizing they can use the recorder to banish the demon, Jessica, Sam, John, and Charlie return to the Daniels house. When the entity attacks John, Sam activates the potato lamp to repel it. Charlie ends up impaled on broken wood when he and Sam go to a shed to retrieve more potatoes. To save his daughter, John sacrifices himself by bleeding on the tape recorder before going through the portal.The portal closes, but the demon still slaughters Sam. Realizing the demon needs her because she is the marked one, Jessica cuts her hand and bleeds on the recorder.Jessica suddenly flashes back to touching the recorder for the first time in the antique store. Jessica realizes she rewound time. Jessica meets up with Sam and Cheddar, who are oblivious to what happened, and the three friends go bike riding together. (thanks to culturecrypt)
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