Yami Douga 3 (2012)


After the popular horror series "The Real Deal. Cursed Videos" (Honto ni Atta. Noroi no Video) and "Sealed Videos" (Fûin eizô) unleashed a new generation in horror, we bring you volume 3 in the ultimate horror video collection. The occult, the grotesque, the gruesome madness and criminal behavior of man and of course spiritualism. A variety of hundreds of videos were recorded by chance and buried in the darkness. "The Cursed Box" For a DVD project on spiritualism, a film crew embarks into haunted ruins to call out Kokkuri-san. Unfortunately, the project has dire consequences for the crew - "Mountain Pass at Night" Two men go for a drive at night to purchase a car. But as they reach the mountain pass, a mysterious presence appears in the road - "Gravure Video" While shooting a gravure idol video for internet distribution, filming is forced to stop prematurely. Does it have anything to do with the rosary the idol picked up in the park?—themoviedb
  • 2012-03-03 Released:
  • 2012-07-06 DVD Release:
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  • Kazu Kodama Director:
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