Temenggor (2020)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

In the early 1800s, the Hutan Temenggor was the oldest forest in the world. Sprawled across its vast reaches are many tribes. This is the tale of one. Temenggor follows the story of a small tribe called Ker Tiga, who lately are experiencing a strange turn of events. When their tribe dukun, Mirna speaks of a horrible prophecy that plagues the land, the Chieftain, Penghulu Prethip Ambu is forced to act. Tuila, the Penghulu's daughter and the last remaining virgin, is betrothed to Sa'arib, Ker Tiga's mighty warrior. However, Tuila is madly in love with Yekub, a local villager. Ibu Pamborang, the clever, manipulative wife of the Penghulu has ambitions of her own and deviously colludes with Mirna to run the tribe. To fulfill the prophecy, the Penghulu has little choice but to send out an unsuspecting Tuila to be sacrificed at Hutan Temenggor. Sa'arib, fiercely loyal to the Penghulu, agrees to carry out his wishes but things get complicated when Yekub insists on coming along. All paths are crossed at the entrance of the Hutan. A massive showdown ensues.
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