Blackbird (2022)

Action, Romance, Thriller
Eric Roberts, Yvonne Mai, Michael Flatley, Patrick Bergin
Secret agent Victor buries his lover and colleague in the garden of his stately home in Ireland. He is visibly distressed and rather than joining the other mourners inside, he walks down the driveway and disappears.He retires to the Caribbean and runs a hotel with a nightclub. An old flame, Vivian, arrives with a dangerous criminal Blake. Victor's staff make discrete inquiries and discover that Blake is part of a secret society of war criminals, and plans to sell the formula of a deadly toxin to another criminal. Vivian finds the formula, Victor's staff copy it, but when the night club singer Maddie sees Victor making out with Vivian, she flies off in a jealous rage and tells Blake. While Victor dispatches Blake's henchman with a single powerful right hook, he's unwilling to play games when Blake tries to rile him during a card game.Throughout the film we see flashbacks to the operation that went wrong. Victor's former lover was captured, tied to a stake and burned. Although Victor burst into the camp and killed the gang members, he was too late to save his lover who was screaming as the flames engulfed her. Victor shot her to end her pain.Vivian is held hostage, and when one of Victor's staff goes to investigate, he is killed. Having overcome three armed men out of shot, Victor arrives at the harbor where Vivian is being held and trades the deadly formula for her freedom. Along with another old colleague who works at the hotel, Victor faces down Blake and his accomplices. "Shall we dance?" he asks, before a brief fire fight which kills the bad guys and leaves Victor and his colleague with only minor wounds.The formula handed over turns out to have been compromised, with the real one safely transported to his old agency in London.The action switches back to Ireland and a taxi drops off Vivian at Victor's stately home.
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