You're My Favourite Place (2022)


Set in the backdrop of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, four freedom-seeking teenage friends, Nelisa, Tiny, Zongi and Cwaita, are set on commemorating their looming entry into adulthood after their last day of high school. The eclectic but troubled group decide that they will do whatever it takes to road trip to the 'Hole in The Wall' - a coastal landmark with the reputation of harbouring the spirits of the dead. The group, albeit with hidden agendas, hit the road with Tiny's dubiously acquired taxi and futilely grapple with their unresolved trauma and the daunting prospect of a nihilistic future. When an enigmatic but charming convict weasels himself into their trip, their plans begin to derail and a thrilling and perilous adventure ensues. Upon getting lost in the middle of the night, the four friends unintentionally encounter the true mecca of witchcraft - Gwadana. Guided by a mysterious witch doctor drifter, each angst-filled adolescent spirals into a psychedelic and profound journey into their own heart of darkness- one that brings them face to face with their deepest fears and demons. After miraculously surviving their horrifyingly intrinsic ordeal, the four friends arrive at the Hole In The Wall, but they must ultimately decide between what they need and what they must let go of. They have reached a point of no return, and realize that it is only up to them to decide what their destiny could be. Together, they may be able to carry their hearts with them to the uncertain but beckoning future.
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