H0us3 (2018)

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

In a peaceful house resort set in Picos de Europa National Park close of the town of Potes, Cantabria (north to Spain), a group of friends from their university times meet to pass a full weekend together after several years: they are Rafa and Lucía, the hosts and who found the house for the meeting; computer technician David (Rafa's best friend) with his girlfriend Sara; Julia, who works for a software company, with her boyfriend, lawyer Ricardo; Dani, who moved to Sevilla where he met his girlfriend teacher Eva; and finally too computer technician Mónica, who recently split of his boyfriend Carlos. With the absence of Chema, traveling by Asia, Rafa, David and the others have a friendly dinner remembering old times and antics of youth, creating unintentionally a debate about the digitally overexposed 21st century's society, in permanent connection to Internet with all kind of devices as cell phones and tablets, and the risks that it entails as identity theft, handling of personal information, deep web, dark web, dark net and the possible rise of an artificial intelligence. After the revelation that Rafa not only works as cyber security technician for important high-tech companies but he collaborates with the global anti-system movement Anonymous, Rafa makes an explosive declaration: he claims to have decrypted the famous Julian Assange's Insurance Files and did read the information hidden in it. Reluctants to believe him Rafa gives David, who works in R&D, his cell phone to watch an App of Augmented Reality which design was in the Files. Realizing that the App is capable to see 30 seconds in the future, shock spread everyone: Sara panics fearing the consequences of it, Eva and Ricardo suggest report it to the authorities, and Julia makes a secret call of her company, trying to take advantage of it. After Rafa explains that the App is limited to 30 seconds due to the source code, Mónica turns on her laptop and connects Rafa's cell phone to it, in an attempt to check and alter the code to overpass the limit of 30 seconds. But when finally Mónica, David and Rafa succeed after a few failed tries, all they disclose an endless horror that it could to have disastrous consequences for human race.—Chockys
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