The Island of Lies (2020)

Action, Drama
Aitor Luna
In the early morning of January 2, 1921, amid a thick fog, the steam Santa Isabel, with 260 emigrants bound for Buenos Aires, sank off the rugged and rugged coast of the island of Sálvora. That night there were no men on the island, they were celebrating Christmas on dry land. The only hope of the survivors who were struggling not to crash into the rocks were the few women, old men and children who lived in this place. Three young islanders, María (Nerea Barros), Josefa (Victoria Teijeiro) and Cipriana (Ana Oca), decide to launch into the sea in a small traditional boat. Rowing only by ear, due to the thick fog and the closed night, they manage to save 50 people. Everything that happens since that night is going to shake and change this island forever. An Argentine journalist, León (Darío Grandinetti), goes to Sálvora to cover the news of the shipwreck. But little by little he verifies that that night too many terrible "coincidences" happened on the island. There are many unknowns to be solved.—Bernardo74
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